Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gornt’s Global Geiger Counter: Dikshit Calls Party Off, Madoff’s Mad Scheme, and Goldman Sucks

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

My recent communications have highlighted the unusual goings-on in and around Hong Kong. Today I should like to share some brief thoughts on the equally bizarre global landscape.

Today alone, for example, we have seen “Helicopter Ben” lower U.S. interest rates to unprecedented levels; Mr. Dikshit plead guilty to the illegal operations of PartyGaming Plc in the U.S.A; and Goldman Sachs announce their first quarterly loss as a public company. Add to this the USD 50bn Ponzi scheme operated by Bernard “Mad” Madoff, and the global outlook indeed seems rather precarious.

My business partners at No. 1 Garden Road are convinced that this spells the end of Corporate America: It represents the end of an empire, the final moments of market fundamentalism, and the death of the American dream, they tell me. The vacuum created by America’s fall from grace will be shortly replaced by the growing influence of the Cock of the East, in their view.

And they may well be right. If they are, rest assured that Rothwell-Gornt is uniquely positioned to capture this opportunity. We are a Hong Kong firm through and through. Moreover, through years of relationship building we have unbreakable bonds with key movers and shakers north of Gin Drinker’s Line.

Have heard nothing from my rival Ian Dunross in a while – Perhaps he was a cornerstone investor in Madoff Investments?

Best of seasonal joss,

Quillan Gornt
CEO and Taipan
Rothwell-Gornt Holdings


ulaca said...

Do Goldman Sachs need the message on tablets of stone before they ditch their "Partners"?

Quillan Gornt said...


Indeed. If they do not act soon it may represent the end of a company that is as important to America as Rothwell-Gornt is to Hong Kong.

Incidentally, while we are on the topic - I would rather have a Taipan's salary than that of a GS partner.

Best of joss,