Saturday, November 28, 2009

The SCMP Responds

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

My delectable young secretary Ebola Choi recently received the following repsonse from the South China Morning Post:

Dear Mr Gornt,

... I need to check your name. I am assuming this is a pseudonym, given that Quillan Gornt is a character in the novel Taipan. If so, this letter must run under your real name.

Letters Editor

Damn and blast this publication. It is more pestilent that the loathsome Noble House itself. Along with Dunross, they shall be sold short in tomorrow's trading.

Best of seasonal joss,

Quillan Gornt
CEO and Taipan
Rothwell Gornt Holdings


ulaca said...

Did you know hemmers has you down as "defunct"? Do I sense a writing/editing stint for R-G that ended in tears?

Quillan Gornt said...


Pah! A quasi ex-blogger himself, that is indeed rather rich. I shall have to start a run on his shares this week.

Best of seasonal joss,