Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Probably Not a Coincidence

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

Having recently purchased the Tai-Pan’s prized 1980s Mercedes Benz for a consideration of HK 2.0 million (payable in Lehman minibonds) the strangest thing happened: I was driving the trophy vehicle down Magazine Gap Road in the direction of the offices of Rothwell Gornt when the brakes suddenly failed.

Applying the handbrake (and swerving briskly to avoid the number 15 bus), the bonnet of the old Merc came to rest against the Magazine Gap Road boundary stone. Bystanders looked on in horror as both historical artifacts were written-off.

I have since noted that the disappearance of the Magazine Gap Road boundary marker has been the source of great local intrigue. To clear this matter up, I have decided to make a donation of HK$2.0 million (also payable in the currency of Lehman minibonds) to the official curator of Hong Kong’s boundary stones, Batgung Charitable Holdings.

Meanwhile, the remnant’s of the Tai-Pan’s Mercedes Benz will set in stone and left as a warning outside the planned entrance of the loathsome Struan Heights.

Best of joss,

Quillan Gornt
CEO and Tai-pan
Rothwell-Gornt Holdings


Tai-Pan said...

I'll pay for you to have driving lessons. You're a menace to historical monuments, let alone the public. Just what I'd expect from the CE of Rothwell-Gornt, following on from your usual habit of demolishing and building on sites of historic interest that, irritatingly, sit on prime development sites. And, hold, what sign did I see this morning next to the former site of the boundary marker? "Coming soon, another luxury development from Rothwell-Gornt".

Quillan Gornt said...

I'll accept none of your currency, Tai-pan.

Couldn't handle the Hong Kong heat, then? Like Holland, I'm sure you'll find your growth rates to be flat.

Tai-Pan said...

Believe what you like Gornt; you'd be a fool to do so. The Noble House moves in ways far beyond your comprehension.

Quillan Gornt said...

It will move in ways beyond your comprehension once I get my hands on that half coin, Taipan.

Best of joss,